How do you get visa?

In general I make my requests for visas in the country that precedes the one where I need this visa. It is much less complicated and faster than doing this from France. All you have to do is go to the consulate representing the country where you want to go (usually there is always a consulate of the countries around in the capital of the country where you are and sometimes in the other big cities) and you will be informed of the steps and The price if not already posted on the front door. It's easy no worries.

How do you realize your video editing?

I have a macbook air with me and to make my movies, I use iMovie, a software which is already included in it.

How do you manage to communicate with people?

Well in the majority of the cases, I learn the basic vocabulary of every country which I cross. This includes all the words I could use or in connection with what I'm doing (Hello, goodbye, thank you, please, bread, water, store, path (way), tent, sleeping bag, right, left, where, before, after, why... in brief a hundred words are enough for a basic conversation. Then, depending on the context, and thanks to the body language, it is not so difficult to understand and to be understood:-)

It's often the same questions that come up , we soon learn them...

What is your budget?

At the departure I had fixed my budget to 4€ per day. In the end, from France to Japan, I spent an average of € 2.7 a day.  I speak here only about the food budget once on the way. For visas, I spent 807€ up to now, which brings the budget in 3,6€/day.

I live in a very simple way, I do not go to the hotel or very rarely when necessary, I do not go in bars nor in restaurants and I cook for myself which reduces strongly the cost. By eating simple foods and by showing imagination you eat well without depressing.

Living on a low budget does not mean living off people and going door to door. If you do not manage alone with your low budget then increase it or work along the way. But counting on the generosity of people along the way is not tolerable, please respect yourself, assume yourself and respect others... If you like to party, drink your beer, go out, go to the restaurant, sleep in a  hotel from time to time, etc., you will need a higher budget.

There are plenty of different ways to travel and money should not, in my opinion, be a handicap. If you do not have much money, you can:

  • Make a summer or winter season in Switzerland or elsewhere and save money before leaving,
  • Make some volunteering abroad, see the Woofing sites, Workaway, or other solutions there are plenty,
  • Find a job paid along the way , on Craigslist or other,
  •  ...

The possibilities are endless!

How do you manage for your orientation?

So of course, I have no IGN map with me. At first in Switzerland for example I followed the marked trails I had chosen beforehand on a dedicated website. Then in Europe, I always followed the paths of hiking, but this time I spotted them on detailed maps that I photographed in different tourist agencies. Most of the time they are displayed there. Then, when there has been no hiking path , well I learned to my trace routes on Google Earth ( thus avoiding paved axes) and import these marks on my GPS .

Then, when there was no more a way of hike, well I learnt to trace my routes on Google Earth (so avoiding the asphalted axes) and to import these tracks on my GPS.

Have you finished your world tour?

Not yet. I'm still on the way. . I already returned twice in France. Today, August 15, I'm in South Korea. In two weeks I will be in Japan, then the road will continue on the American continent ...

Did you leave alone?

No, from the start , except for a few days or weeks, I have never been alone the departure was made with Mathieu, then we joined other people four days later, Sandrine , Simon , Seb and Arnaud, later I was not more than with Sandrine during 8 months. Ced has taken over 2 years. Meanwhile occasionally people came to walk with us , there was Armindo, Esteban, Florent . After my first break in France in winter 2013, I resumed my journey with another Mathieu and Nico, and then I crossed Siberia by bike with Damien. Since South Korea I am walking alone.


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