y plan is to go around the world on foot . Cycling or canoeing can be used occasionally for the sake of timely visas, motivation or desire, but on no account, as possible, motorized means. That was the original idea, but since things have changed here and there, we can not always do what we want ... The chosen route crosses four continents , through 45 countries, and approximately 70,000 km route feasible in 10 years according to my initial estimates (see itinerary) . This 10-year project is more than a trip or an adventure, it's a real life choices that needed to mature before the decision is taken. The departure took place on June 1st, 2011, and throughout my route some other travelers have accompanied me a few days, months or even years. The most important ones were Sandrine and Cedrick..

Why such a project ?

"It is normal to be afraid to exchange what you have already managed to obtain against a dream. _ So why should I listen to my heart ? _ Because you will never again be able to keep it quite . Even if you pretend not to have heard what it tells you, it will always be there inside you, repeating to you what you're
thinking about life and about the world.”
Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist.

How to explain this feeling that haunts me for so many years ? The desire of elsewhere, the desire to leave, to travel, to meet, to share ... the will to live ! Resisting the urge bubbling inside me since always, it is by strength of the years, the meetings and the readings that the seed germinated. Since I had read this quote of Paulo Coelho, I found it so right that it kept on echoing in my brain. But to put it into practice , when you are installed in a confortable routine, well... there was still some way to go. I do not know where this small seed came from, actually I think it was always there.  What allowed the sprouting, was life and meetings ... And then one day this little seed that was its little way fell in love, at random of the Net, with a crazy project of world tour ON FOOT ! It began to dream... It will take another two years to ensure that the young seed shoots out of earth and flourishes : the decision was made, "Free Feet" was born.

I was devoting a great admiration for Killian and Thierry, two French travelers gone to tour the world on foot in May 2008, when after having doubted my own ability to make such a journey, I finally said to myself: "Why not ?!"

In July 2010, the decision was made, excitement, joy and happiness were there, the simple fact of having let go and listened to my heart gave me an indescribable euphoric enjoyment that I wanted to cry to the whole world. But how could I let others understand the choice which would lead me on the paths of the world for 10 years (time scheduled for this world tour) ? How to explain this desire inside me for 30 years, while it took me such a long time to accept, understand and follow ... How to answer to people who ask the question " Why ?" Well...  there is no answer, the reasons are multiple and result from 30 years of life in the course of which a mindset and a philosophy built up themselves, until lead me to the departure...


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